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Metal Roofing in Daytona Beach

When it comes to quality roof repair and replacement in the Daytona Beach area, there’s no better name in town than Grasco Inc. For over ten years we’ve been providing high-quality customer care and service while also creating beautiful roof designs for our clients’ homes and businesses.

If you have an asphalt or wood roof that is looking worse for wear, perhaps it’s time to move into the 21st century with metal roofing. Far from the simple and unattractive corrugated metal of yesteryear, metal roofs can come in a dramatic range of colors, shapes, and textures, so there’s no compromising on style.

Durable and Dependable Roof Material

Metals have been prized by human society for thousands of years due to their special properties: hardness, flexibility, and durability. So it makes sense that using metals to deck out the roof of your Daytona Beach home or business brings those same special qualities to the part of your home that can take quite the beating.

So it’s true that the weather where we live is beautiful most of the time. But during the wet season, the roof of your building is subject to all types of punishment. Between hail, gale-force winds, and buckets of Atlantic rain, every morning your roof is still intact is a little miracle. But imagine if your roof and the weather could coexist in peace, without any worry for you? And if we were to tell you that such a compromise wasn’t only possible, but also affordable?

It’s true that metal is an expensive material for a roof. But it more than makes up for the cost you spend up front when your roof will last two generations or more, all with absolutely minimal upkeep. Asphalt is a much cheaper material, but you get what you pay for. Not only does asphalt need regular cleaning and repair, but it also needs to be fully replaced every ten to fifteen years. Your new metal roof will outlast an asphalt roof by twice its lifespan, at least!

It brings to mind the famous saying that, ‘the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten’—except in the case of corrugated metal roofing, it’s the opposite scenario! You will feel sweet relief as you sink into the reality that, yes, you really don’t have to do anything to maintain the quality of your roof.

Tired of your current roof design? If you want to spruce up a traditional roof it means shelling out big bucks for roof repair and replacement. But to update the curb appeal of your roof design when you’ve chosen metal simply means adding a fresh coat of paint. Yet another way metal roofing makes planning for the future easier and less expensive!

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